Tick Tock

I feel like a lot people who live by the ocean don’t actually deserve to. I have heard so many people say “oh I can’t remember when last I went to the beach” or “Geeee, I haven’t swam in the sea in forever”.


Bronze Beach, Durban.



I’ve lived by the sea now for 7 years. I made myself a promise when I left Jozi. I would not be one of those people. I would go to the beach once a week at least. I am happy to say that I stuck to it. Obviously some weeks all I managed was to dig my toes in the sand or (if you’ve ever spent a winter in CT) maybe a toe in the water.

People just amaze me. They have this spectacular thing, right on their doorsteps. It’s literally flashing it’s boobs at them and they just walk on by and don’t even acknowledge it. SIES people.

I know that life is hectic and work comes first and you need to work to earn money to survive and it’s exhausting managing a career and family life and bla bla fish paste but make time people. If you never make time, you will never have time. This doesn’t only apply to going to the beach.

It applies to everything. make time

Make time.

For friends, for family, for exercise. For doing things that YOU want to do, not have to do. This obviously includes wine drinking, chocolate eating and nik nak smashing.

I learnt this early on in life.  And I think it’s one of the most valuable lessons so far. That and always take headache tablet before you go to bed after a jol. You’re no good to anyone if you’re permanently tired or an inch from hanging yourself because you actually can’t even anymore.

Make time to enjoy your life. You’ve worked damn hard to get to where you are but if you never stop and take a minute to love life and appreciate it then what’s actually the point?

People have become so focused on trying to out do their friends and family or neighbours. They have to drive a better car, have a fancier handbag and live in a bigger house. WHY?

If you genuinely want something for no other reason that you yourself simply have to live there or buy that car then yes, work hard and make it happen. But if you only want to live on a golf estate because that’s where all the cool kids live then do me a favour and slap yourself.

There are people that want to be rich. They don’t care how it happens or what they need to do. There are people that are happy to float about and just survive. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are as long as you’re doing it for you. Screw the Jones’! There’s absolutely no reason to keep up with them. They probably smell funny too.

Put yourself on the time out step! Even if it’s for 30min a week. You might think the world will collapse and your business will crumble or your family kill each other if you’re not there but I can assure you, this big fat sexy world of ours will keep on turning. And your entire life will not disintegrate. You may actually find yourself thinking clearer or having a different perspective on something after you’ve taken a break and had some me time.

You invest in your business, in your family, you insure your cars and phones. Why don’t you invest in yourself a little?

As my most favouritist, little piano playing, Asian looking, voice of an angel on steroids singer John Legend says “Make time to live a little.”
Catch you on the flip side homies

X x x